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Publisher’s Note

Breast Cancer Survivors are honored in our fall issue. All the women in our profiles on pages 34 and 35 are Breast Cancer Survivors. As you read their profiles you will see that breast cancer has no boundaries in which it strikes, and these survivors have no boundaries in their quest for life. Let us celebrate this magiificant tribute to life with them.

Give a gift of life to a daughter, mother, sister or friend. Encourage them to go for breast examinations and fight this together.

You can find your free copy of The Sussex County Woman in many locations throughout Sussex County. Some of the locations that you can find the paper in are libraries, medical offices, hospitals, salons spas, shops, gyms, etc. If you can’t find your copy call our office and we will be glad to let you know where you can locate a copy in your area.

A special thank you to all our wonderful contributors for their educational editorials and to all our readers who make their hard work worth it.

Enjoy the beautiful fall!