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  • Retirement Income Planning: The Total Return Approach Vs. the Bucket Approach

    Most working Americans have only one source of steady income before they retire: their jobs. But when you retire, your income will likely come from several sources, such as retirement accounts, social security benefits, pensions, and part-time work. When deciding how to manage your various assets to ensure a steady retirement income stream, there are…

  • Sleep: The Key To Vitality and Well-Behaved Kids

    Most of us know, or at least acknowledge, that we must eat right and exercise in order to remain healthy. But what about sleep? Sleep is essential – a key component to a healthy lifestyle. Yet, majority of us struggle and report having sleep problems at least once per week. Did you know that sleep…

  • At Can Do, we have a Passion for Painting! PREParation is Key

    The County Woman’s Journal Winter 2018/2019 I 67 (Click here to visit article PDF.) Dominick Bambace I was born and raised in Port Chester, NY; a small town just outside of NYC. I graduated from Port Chester Senior high School in 1988. Directly after graduation I enlisted in the Armed Forces as a Seabee builder…

  • A New Leash on Life

    A New Leash on Life

  • Are You Experiencing Caregiver Burnout?

    By Karen Dawson, C.S.A., Assistant Agency Director, Rehoboth Beach Walk to End Alzheimer’s Committee Chair Along with providing excellent care, Always Best Care (ABC) strives to provide support for family and friends of our clients. While caring for a loved one in the home, it is important to take care of oneself to avoid becoming…

  • 7 Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring Your Next Cleaning Service

    Heather’s Home Works, LLC was started in 2003 when Heather Bouges DeMarie moved to the beach from Northern Virginia to be closer to her family. Although she had never owned her own company, she had confidence in her ability to provide superior cleaning services to homeowners here at the Delaware beaches. Now 15 years later…

  • Nanticoke Vein Center: Here To Help Relieve Leg Pain

    By: Dr. Arvind Gireesh and Dr. Alfred Hurley, Cardiologists with the Nanticoke Vein Center Unfortunately vein disease is one of the most under-treated and under-recognized problems encountered in medicine. More and more we see how important the impact this disease can have on our patient’s quality of life. Varicose veins are veins that are dark…

  • Peninsula Plastic Surgery P.C.

    Introduction Peninsula Skin Cancer Center (PSCC) was founded in 2008 in response to the long waits patients were experiencing in having suspicious skin lesions evaluated by a qualified specialist. Since then, serving the Eastern Shores of Maryland, Virginia, and Southern Delaware, surgeons of PSCC have removed over 1,000 skin cancers. PSCC provides: Timely Removal of…

  • Delaware Integrative Medicine: Navigating to Wellness
    Henry Childers, IV, MD, FAAO

    Stem Cell Therapy Dr. Childers believes that by harnessing your body’s innate capacity to heal and grow itself, new progress can be made without the use of drugs and invasive procedures so that our patients get healthy and stay healthy. The use of stem cells, which have the ability to regenerate themselves and self-replicate, is…

  • Be It Ever So Humble…
    Jeanine O' Donnell - State Farm

    By Jeanine O’Donnell There is certainly no place like it! Your “castle” can be your first apartment or the mansion you always dreamed of sitting steps from the beach. How do you keep it safe? How do you make sure it is protected? Those questions are asked and answered every day with people who are…

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