At Can Do, we have a Passion for Painting! PREParation is Key

The County Woman’s Journal Winter 2018/2019 I 67

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Dominick Bambace

Dominick Bambace

I was born and raised in Port Chester, NY; a small town just outside of NYC. I graduated from Port Chester Senior high School in 1988. Directly after graduation I enlisted in the Armed Forces as a Seabee builder in the United States Navy. In the nine years I served as a Navy Seabee I learned most of the skills I have used for the past 25 plus years in the painting industry. Including drywall repair, finish trim, and light carpentry. My attention to detail, positive demeanor and can do attitude directly correlates with my time in the military.

The motto of the Seabees is “ CAN DO “ and once a Seabee, always a Seabee…. So it is only fitting that the name my company is “Can Do Painting Services & More”.

The difference between a good paint job and a GREAT paint job is the quality in which you prepare the project to be painted. A paint job is only as wonderful as the effort that is put into its preparation.

Five key Steps to Prepare a painting project properly:

1. Remove all switch plates and outlet covers.

2. Cover to protect all floors, surfaces, and furniture.

3. Pole Sand all walls, and ceilings where needed to remove

any debris.

4. Repair drywall blemishes such as nail pops, stress cracks,

and holes. Then sand smooth and spot prime before


5. Caulk and putty all trim where needed.

Now you’re ready to paint!

At “Can Do” we always put prep first.


My wife and I heard about Can Do Painting through an inspector at our new home. Dominick

came highly recommended due to the quality of his work and pricing. We called Can Do a month

before we got into our home to schedule his services. Once we met in person we knew that not

only was he going to do good work, but he and his staff were good people and that means a lot

today. During the project he ran into small issues and a few delays, never once did he stop work

to talk about change orders or how this would hold up the job, he just moved forward and got

the job done. Final product of his work of painting nearly the entire house was perfect, he has

now done work at my parents’ house, quoting at my brothers and is doing another job at our

house in December. I know that quality, good people and fair prices don’t usually go together

these days, but with Can Do Painting, they do. – Vince Rozell

We used Can Do painting for our new home remodel. The owner Dominick was professional and

very meticulous. Can Do painting delivered on time and at a very

fair price. We would definitely highly recommended him and his company. Dominick, Can Do!

– Jessica Matthews