Have you tried quitting smoking without telling anyone?

You quietly stop cold turkey, but when a stressful situation or cravings overwhelm you, you’re back smoking again. That’s okay; no one knows you tried to quit and failed.

How about a different way to quit, this time using the internet to support your goal to quit? You could announce your resolve on Facebook, Twitter or upload a YouTube video of your experiences with quitting which could help others and keep yourself accountable. Research shows that support from social networks is more effective than traditional methods alone. Smokers trying to kick the habit were more than twice as likely (32 percent) to successfully quit when using an app or online tool compared to those who used a hotline service (14 percent).1,2 A quick internet search will give you plenty of apps, text messaging, blogs, and websites to help you start, one step at a time. Hearing about other peoples experiences can help you feel that you are not alone.

One way to start is with Walgreens Digital Health Advisor. Just create a tobacco quit plan and receive balanced reward points for achieving your goal of a tobacco free life. Chart your progress being tobacco free for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 6 months. Your quit plan can be customized with different quit methods, help in identifying your triggers, a selection of coping strategies, offers of social support and other helpful ways to prevent relapse. Articles are available to give further insight to the journey of becoming tobacco free.

Coaches are here for you too! Walgreens Pharmacy Chat and the quit line at Smokefree.gov can offer support to answer questions or provide counseling to help you accomplish your tobacco-free goal.

Remember, you’re not alone. Were here for you. Together, with a strong social network, YOU CAN BE SMOKE FREE!