Why Do I Need Gutter Protection?


Gutters become useless when they are clogged with debris. They become unable to channel water properly into your drainage or rainwater collection system. The resulting buildup of water can then become a breeding ground for insects, overflow into and damage your landscaping, or seep into your roof, siding, basement and foundation.

A gutter protection system eliminates these issues by addressing the root cause: it keeps debris out of your gutters, ensuring that water only goes where it’s supposed to go.

What benefits can I expect from the Gutter Helmet gutter protection system?

There are many benefi ts to installing Gutter Helmet. Our gutter protection system:

  • Keeps your gutters free of clogs.
  • Ensures that dirt, leaves, needles and debris roll right off of your roof and stay out of your gutters.
  • Deters infestation by birds, animals and insects.
  • Protects your home’s foundation and landscaping by directing rainwater away from your home.
  • Protects against harmful mold, mildew and rot caused by water gathering in your gutters and seeping under your fascia and eaves.
  • Perhaps most importantly, keeps YOU off of that dangerous ladder!

How long will Gutter Helmet last? How long before I have to replace the system?

Gutter Helmet is engineered to last a lifetime. That’s why we call it The Permanent Solution and back it up with a Triple Lifetime Warranty. Our warranty is even transferable to the next owner of your home, so you can rest assured that you’ll never have to replace the system once it has been installed.

Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore is a locally owned and operated company located in Salisbury Maryland and serves all of Delmarva. Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore is owned and operated by Eastern Shore native Kevin Presto. Mr. Presto started installing gutters and Gutter Helmet almost 20 years ago and bought the local franchise in 2002.

We are fully licensed and insured in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with zero complaints. All Gutter Helmet work is performed by trained “Certified Installers” employed by Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore. We do not use untrained sub-contractors for Gutter Helmet installations.

We use a no obligation, no high pressure sales approach with an in home presentation and demonstration. Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore was recognized as the No. 2 Dealer nationwide in 2013 for market size, and awarded the Gold Award. All new Gutter Helmet installations come with a Lifetime Material and Performance Warranty.

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