Perfect Chemical Peel

Winter is the perfect time of year to refresh and restart new skin growth. We are often too busy, going too many places, visiting too many people, to take the time to have a little down time and refresh our sluggish skin cells with a revitalizing chemical peel. This is a perfect time of year to take the time to address our skin’s needs. Chemical peels work by drying out the top layer of dead skin cells so they can be exfoliated and sloughed off, to stimulate new skin growth with soft, smooth, refreshed skin underneath. Chemical peels are also very effective at controlling acne breakouts and to even pigment from previous acne.

Here at Renove Med Spa, we offer the best superficial, medium and deep chemical peels available. In addition to our glycolic peels of various strengths, we have the powerful ViPeel and this month we are introducing the Perfect Derma Peel. https://www.renovemedspa. org/chemical-peels

The Perfect Derma Peel contains several powerful ingredients instead of just one ingredient to affect the skin in multiple ways. The Perfect Derma Peel includes TCA, Kojic Acid, Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Vitamin C and the anti oxidant Glutathione. It is this combination that produces the best exfoliation, lightening, brightening, active acne treatment and smoothing combination vs a single ingredient chemical peel. This peel can be used on all skin types.

For the month of February when you book a Perfect Derma Peel we will add the neck and chest areas at no additional charge, a $200 savings, and complimentary anti-itch lotion and sunscreen. Both the ViPeel and the Perfect Derma Peel are $350 and the price of our glycolic peels varies.

What Can I Expect During a Chemical Peel?

We will prep and cleanse your skin with alcohol or another drying agent to allow effective penetration of the chemical peel. As we apply the chemical peel, you may notice a mild tingling sensation. This sensation is minimal for the both the ViPeel and the Perfect Derma Peel, as the ingredient phenol, present in both peels, is a numbing agent. Upon completion of application of the chemical peel there will be no discomfort.

What Happens After the Chemical Peel?

Immediately after your chemical peel application, you will leave with the chemical peel still on and you will wash if off later when you are home. You will be given several post peel towlettes than have active ingredients to continue the peel process that you will use for the next several nights. Typically the peeling begins on day 3, and you will continue to peel and shed old skin for the next few days. It will be important during this time to use the moisturizer and sunscreen that we send you home with. The peeling is typically completed by the 6th day, leaving you with new baby skin day 7! Peeling can last longer on the neck and chest.

So if you are ready for smoother, softer skin and a more even complexion, give us a call to book your peel or a complimentary consultation!



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