Physical Therapy Can Get You Back to Golf!

With the weather warming up, there are a lot of people eager to get back on the golf course but are not able to due to aches/pains or injuries.

Physical Therapy just may be the right answer to help with your ailments and get you back to doing what you enjoy!

Below are some, but not all, of the common issues which keep people from golf, and how a PT can help:

Low back pain

Golf can be taxing on your lower back, even with no previous pain or injuries, as it requires frequent stooping, bending, and rotation through the lower back. Low back pain has many causes, most of which can be diagnosed and treated by an effective physical therapist. All patient programs look slightly different but some common trends you can expect to find in PT to get you back on the golf course include core stability training, rotational stability training, glute activation techniques, stretching, and a dynamic warm up to get you ready to play.

Knee/Hip pain

The golf swing requires a lot of lower quarter stability and knee or hip pain/weakness can cause a golfer big issues. Like most other orthopedic conditions, these can have a variety of causes. Physical therapy can effectively treat all types of strains and sprains in these joints and get you back to what you enjoy. One specific condition worth mentioning that a physical therapist can work with is arthritis. While PT will not help everyone with arthritis, a program targeted at correcting muscle imbalances, improving hip and core stability, and addressing any range of motion deficits can help get you moving and get you back in the ‘swing’ of things.

Shoulder pain

Have you ever brought your club back and felt a pinch in the front or side of your shoulder? If so, Physical Therapy may be what you need to get back to pain-free golf. Whether the cause of shoulder pain is muscle weakness/tightness, ligament damage, or arthritis (among others) a physical therapist can help get you feeling better and swinging more freely again. A physical therapy program for a golfer with shoulder pain will focus on improving range of motion limitations, improving the strength and stability of your shoulder, and making sure your shoulder blades are moving like they are supposed too!

Elbow/Wrist pain

Did you know golfers elbow is something that is very treatable by Physical Therapy? Pain on the inside of the elbow is such a common occurrence that is has been nicknamed golfer’s elbow, however don’t be fooled by the names, pain on the outside of the elbow (or tennis elbow) can/does occur in golfers as well. Medial or lateral epicondylalgia (Golfer’s or tennis elbow) are injuries (typically overuse), to the tendons on either side of the elbow. These tendons also run into your wrists which can cause pain from the elbow extending down to the wrist. Often times this injury occurs with golfers due to lack of stability in either the wrist, elbow, or shoulder and is something that can be addressed by a physical therapist.


Other common conditions PT’s can help address include: Neck pain, ankle/foot injuries, vertigo, and balance loss. Always feel free to contact one of our conveniently located Benchmark Physical therapy Clinics with any questions or to learn more.



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