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Here at Martin’s Water Treatment, we are committed to serving our customers and community at the highest level. Our small family business was established 16 years ago in 2006 by owner/operator Allen Martin. After 10 years of water treatment business experience under his belt already, Allen took his knowledge, experience, and passion for helping others and opened the doors to Martin’s Water Treatment. His mission was to provide top quality, USA made products built by Clack, at an affordable price to as many people as possible throughout the state of Delaware and Eastern Shore Maryland. Since that time, Martin’s Water Treatment has grown and flourished, giving us the privilege to help countless individuals and businesses solve the often-complicated issues that problematic water can present


We offer treatment solutions for a wide range of common and not so common water problems such as iron, bacteria, hardness, odor, low pH, nitrates, arsenic, lead, tannins, copper, and chemicals, just to name a few! It is important to remember that there is no “one size fits all” answer for water treatment. Different problems require different solutions, and each house, each business, each well, and even each municipal area is different. We provide our customers with free, in home, lab grade testing which we perform right there on the spot with you. Once we have your readings, we will be able to provide you with a custom treatment plan unique to your home or business, sized proportionately to your individual water readings, and prioritized correctly based off your personal concerns.

Our goal with each customer is to provide an accurate, easy to understand breakdown of the issues being presented, along with a comprehensive treatment plan to get the job done right the first time. We want to provide you with long term solutions, not quick fixes! Most importantly we want to help you give the gift of good health to yourself, and the people you care about. That means making sure the water in your home is pure, clean, and contaminant free – water is the basis of life as we know it, so nothing could be more important than making sure the water you and your family use every single day is of the highest caliber.


Here are 3 examples of common issues we see every day, along with their solutions. If you are experiencing unsightly brown staining, metallic odor, or a white, cement like residue in your showers and sinks, your water has iron and/ or hardness present. We use a conditioner/softener, sized proportionately to your readings, to treat both issues at the same time. If you are suffering from a low pH, or acidity in the water, you may have had to purchase a new hot water heater or 2 in recent years due to the acid eating up the old one. Acid water will corrode any metal it encounters, ruining your home, and depositing heavy metals into your water which then make their way into your body! Acid water is “neutralized” by installing a neutralizer, which distributes a natural mineral called calcite into the water, removing the acid, and raising the pH up to a neutral 7.

Bacteria is another common issue we see regularly. People selling their homes will often find they have a bacteria contamination in their well and must get it fixed in order to have the sale go through. We work with many realtors, sellers, and buyers daily to provide not only lab testing and sample pulls, but also well shocks, and UV light system installs to fix the issue of bacteria. Our UV lights are a guaranteed and permanent fix for bacteria, and we include a guaranteed passing bacteria test in the price of installation. If you’re a realtor, or buying/selling a home, we can help you work through whatever water issues might arise during the sales process. .


We believe what truly makes us unique in this business is our desire to genuinely help others. Being a small family business, we believe in treating YOU, the customer, like you are a member of our family as well, treating your home like it’s our home, and going above and beyond to provide you with an experience without comparison. It would be our distinct privilege to have the opportunity to earn your business and trust, so call us today to find out what everyone already knows – at Martin’s Water Treatment, we treat your water RIGHT!

“Couldn’t be more thankful to have found the wonderful people at Martin’s Water Treatment. The acidity problem I had with my water was ruining all my pipes and appliances and staining my clothes. I called Martin’s Water Treatment and they came out and were able to correct my issues in less that 48 hours, completely installed and done. Total pros!!” – Carla K



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